Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Alimay Sports Cycling Offers

This week in our online bike shop, Alimay Sports, we have started a new promotion of putting out exciting new cycling deals for the UK. Each offer is going to focus on simplicity and clear value, as opposed to an increasing amount of complex and minimal sales for cyclists in the UK. Bike Components and Cycling Accessories are going to be the focus of every cycling offer that we put together. Like the first offer that has been launched in the cycling store – buy a pair of Polaris Omnium Bib Cycling Shorts and get 2 Continental Ultra Race Cycling Tyres free! So the current cycling offer gives UK cyclists a chance to get a new pair of cycling shorts, which I guess can fall into the cycling clothing category. Then with that you get a free pair of Continental Ultra Race Tyres, which are in the bicycle components category. We don’t want to blur the lines for cyclists with small discounts on selected products, but with a lot of restrictions on what can and can’t be bought. This is really what is setting the standard for the offers we are going to run really simple offers for cyclists in the UK, with cycling components that cyclists want and not just what we want to sell in our cycling store.


We’re doing the same thing with all of the cycling products in our cycling store, because we are building a convenience cycling store rather than a megastore with items that you may have no interest in. Instead we are building our cycling store to keep stock of the items you buy regularly and in need for riding your bike. This allows us to manage our pricing and give you the best price possible, all the while still giving you the fastest and most convenient delivery times in the UK. By doing this, we aim to make it a cycling store that you can browse easily without being overcome by bicycle items that aren’t relevant to you.

So while we’re only in the early stages of building a product mix that is matched perfectly to the need of UK cyclists, we feel that we can achieve it, and when we do – we then build on the cycling offers that are available to you. In the end, hopefully within 1 year, we will be in a better position so you can find everything you need on our cycling store, and you enjoy the experience of browsing our cycling store, and can do so know that you can rely on us to deliver every order within 2 days everywhere in the UK. Once we’ve reached that point, then we are going to start to offer very narrow lines of the best in class products in the higher price brackets. We want to do this by building close partnerships with the brands we feel are making the best cycling components in their class. We’ve already started this process with some brands on the higher price range bicycle stuff, but we want to get our lower price range necessities nailed down first, and then move on. So until we reach that point, it will be another post as to how we are coming along in partnering with the best brands on things like bicycles, power meters, wheels, and other expensive items that you don’t change as regular as your tyres or clothes.

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