Friday, 14 March 2014

Cycling for Perfection Part 1 – The Bike

In this post we’ll look at how any cyclist can put their bicycle together to perform the best they can be. The next post will focus on how to put your body together to perform best but for now we’ll focus on the two most important areas of your bike.

The weight of every bicycle is a key area for any cyclist to focus on. Think of cycling as the opposite to your 3G on your mobile network. The higher the G is the worst it is for you. Any cyclist should aim to have the smallest amount of G’s as they can on their bicycle. It’s called BMC, not GBMC – fool proof logic for the “perfect” cyclist. The biggest problem when a cyclist is bicycle shopping online is that they don’t have the ability to determine how many G’s are in their bicycle parts. Cyclists can always read the specifications on the bicycle product’s page, which we are adding daily to all of the cycling accessories that are listed in our online bicycle store. If the amount of G’s in the bicycle part aren’t listed on the product page, then our team are always here to help so please ask us.

Let’s look at the next most important part that any cyclist should know when putting their bicycle together, which is colour co-ordination! A “perfect” cyclist can get rid of all the G’s on their bicycle, but if the colours don’t match, you may have a problem. Our online cycling store has perfectly balanced collection of colours in our line of bicycle products. All of the cycling clothing matches. Entire bar tapes and bicycle tyres matches. All of the saddles and helmets match. It’s not a mistake, and neither should your bicycle’s aesthetics.

Cycling can involve a lot of work for any cyclist who has to start training and putting their bicycle together with the best bicycle parts from their favourite online bicycle store. They can always describe it as putting their bicycle together along with their body together.
When training to improve their cycling performance, the perfect cyclist should start with their biceps! Also when the perfect cyclist starts building their bicycle they also start with the even most important part of every fashion conscious cyclist, their perfect cyclingclothes. But really however the most important parts can be very different in ways, yet similar in many other ways. It begins with putting together the important bicycle parts and we think every “perfect” cyclist should start at their online bicycle store.

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