Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bike Parts Online

Buying bike parts and bicycle accessories online is a growing part of the online UK sports marketplace due to the popularity of cycling for leisure, travel and health. Recent web trends indicate that an increasing number of people prefer to purchase their bike parts and bicycle accessories via the online channel. The growth in cycling has seen the expansion of online bicycle stores in the UK, who offer discounted, pricing on cycle parts, bicycle clothing, sports nutrition and bike components from all the major brands, where the cyclist can now save up to 60% against high street shops

The typical online bike store will carry a large selection of bikes, bicycle parts, and cycling clothing plus sports nutrition. Also the range would include bicycle accessories, including bike parts, wheels, pedals, seats, and more usually at 20-30% below the traditional bicycle shop prices.

To help list the various bike parts we have listed the major bicycle components below.

Bicycle Frame: The bicycle frame is the backbone of the bicycle. To the frame are attached every other component of the bicycle. Thus the frame is central to the whole bicycle and performs the function of holding together all the parts together and keeping the whole bike steady.
Bike Pedals: The bicycle pedals are where the effort is applied. This effort is transmitted through respective crank bars onto a shaft. This shaft revolves within a hollow in the frame of the bicycle.
Bicycle Sprocket and Chain: On the revolving shaft is mounted a sprocket. The use of the sprocket and chain system is to transmit the rotary motion from this revolving shaft onto another shaft, so the bike pedals, the crank arms, the shafts and the sprockets-chain system work together to convert the pedaling effort into revolutions of the rear wheel.
Bicycle Wheels: The bike wheels and tyres are the most important for the motion of the bicycle. The front wheel is attached via a shaft, to a front fork attached to the bicycle frame.  As the bicycle wheel is free from constraints, the front wheel revolves as soon as the rear wheel does so, allowing the whole bicycle to move forward.
Bike handle-bar: The function of the bicycle handle bar is to enable the cyclist to control the direction of movement of the bicycle. For this, the bicycle handle bar is connected, through the bicycle frame, to the front fork that holds the front wheel. Thus, whenever the handle-bar is turned, the front wheel changes its direction, leading the bike towards the intended direction.

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