Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bike Parts Online in the UK

As cycling for leisure, travel and health in the UK continues to grow, an increasing number of people prefer to purchase their bike parts and accessories online. The growth in cycling has seen the expansion of bicycle experts e-tailers in the UK, who have responded to this trend by offering discounted, pricing on cycle parts, bicycle clothing, sports nutrition and bike components from all the major brands, where the serious or hobby cyclist can now save up to 60% against high street retailers.
The UK cycling community has been categorised into three main segments, The Occasional Cyclists, The Frequent Cyclists and The Regular Cyclists. When it comes to purchasing bike parts and accessories online, the occasional cyclist tends to purchase the core necessary products such as cycling helmets, pumps and bicycle reflectors, meanwhile the frequent cyclist will also buy cycle clothing, mudguards, brake sets and other accessories while the regular cyclist includes sports nutrition, tyres, specialised cycling components and training accessories in their purchases.
The occasional and frequent cyclists are the most popular type of cycling, with two thirds (66%) of UK cyclists riding at the weekends, either alone or in a group, this also includes general purpose riding, such as going to the shops or visiting friends.
Growing fitness consciousness among people living in the UK, increased energy prices, growing congestion due to increasing population and the number of cars on British roads is fuelling the growth for the online bicycle retailers over the coming years. Cycling as a pleasurable and beneficial leisure activity combined with growing environmental concerns by consumers means bicycles are emerging as an alternative for short distance transport that causes no pollution.. In addition, bicycles' energy efficiency, coupled with cycling as a fitness activity, will help propel demand for bike parts, accessories and sports nutrition from bicycle expert retailers either online or in store.
The UK cycling market has expanded rapidly over the past couple of years and is now worth over £2.15 billion, new research suggests. So no matter what category of cyclist you fall into, no matter how much or little you spend on your bike parts and bicycle accessories, you will probably save 30-60% on purchases by looking online.

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